Mayren Abashed

Mar 30, 2022

forget a Song... a whole Soundtrack is ruined....

 Ever being doing work and listening to music and you suddenly get crazy sad and emo and moved to tears from the music..... and you stop  to figure out why.... 

Then it dawns on you that the music makes you feel some way because it was a special moment with your EX .   One you even parted ways with first and it's been a couple of years already.

Yep. forget the song... the whole damn soundtrack is ruined because i went to this Musical with him back in the day. 

it's not even just a skip, i have to stop all the things i'm doing and take all the songs out of my whole playlist.   Cause i don't have time for some emotional transferrance to a piece of music that is innocent of all blame. 

dammit .. Memories that stick to sounds, smells, and feelings are both good and bad. blargh. 

BLARGH i say !

Oct 6, 2020

Sep 30, 2020

Where is the Libertarian Candidate for 2020?

 After a most horrendous 2020 debate.... I have to ask?

Where is the Libertarian candidate for 2020?

You are supposed to be able to attend the debate if you POLL over 15% but guess what guys?

The organizers get to pick and choose which Polls they use. It's ridiculous how much Main Stream Media forces Mis-information down American's throats and they have no idea that there IS a VIABLE third candidate for the 2020 Election. 

I put forth:

Ms. Jo Jorgensen

For all that is sacred's sake:  Can we get better inclusion to the Candidates???

To be on record:  I think the Two-party voting system is very flawed. I am very biased.