Mayren Abashed

Oct 6, 2020

Sep 30, 2020

Where is the Libertarian Candidate for 2020?

 After a most horrendous 2020 debate.... I have to ask?

Where is the Libertarian candidate for 2020?

You are supposed to be able to attend the debate if you POLL over 15% but guess what guys?

The organizers get to pick and choose which Polls they use. It's ridiculous how much Main Stream Media forces Mis-information down American's throats and they have no idea that there IS a VIABLE third candidate for the 2020 Election. 

I put forth:

Ms. Jo Jorgensen

For all that is sacred's sake:  Can we get better inclusion to the Candidates???

To be on record:  I think the Two-party voting system is very flawed. I am very biased. 

Sep 10, 2020


 There is alot of time on our hands and people find new ways to fill it if they can.

I play a web-based social rpg game. I will probably go back to WoW soon because it has a new expac coming out and need a new social game. 

I meet up with some amazing set of people for a couple of hours on google hangout on the weekend to play either jackbox or cards against humanity while we chat and escape our previous week. 

I read a ton of fantasy, sci-fi, light romance, and other drivel books by the dozens each month so I can wind down enough to sleep at night.

I could be learning a language or working on other skills but i have no motivation. I occasionally pick up painting a miniature here and there but there is no progress on them unless it is specifically for someone else because that is the only motivation to work on those skills is to get it done for other people. 

I could be working on my health because i let it go alot, and i am in tiny ways but i could focus on it.

I could work on my house but bad health gets in the way alot and when not ill there is no energy or motivation. 

There is WAY too much time to think, and introspection which leads down the trails to dark places and I have to dig my own way out in order to function and work each day. 

Every day we all seem to shy away more from news of politics and riots and people killing each other in the streets for just existing. Escape routes are all over in TV, and games, and general procrastination. It kinda feels like many are stuck in survival mode and pausing our bigger life goals. Waiting to just make it out to the other side before allowing ourselves to think of future again. 

This is the new normal... the race to escape and survive each day.