Sep 2, 2013

September Happiness Challenge!

It's going around the Blogosphere and I believe I participated in something similar years ago with Linus (the Black Pope?) & crazy crew who produced an online comic with Flynn, but I digress.
This time I am directly inspired by a fellow Soaper who is delightful, funny, and a genuine  treat to be acquainted with.

I am committing myself to the "September Happiness Challenge"

For 30 days in September do these 5 small steps:
1: Meditate
2: Identify 3 new things you’re grateful for
3: One random act of kindness
4: Journal about one good thing that happened
5: Exercise
The power to change your point of view and change your life in degrees is often over-looked
and should never be underestimated.   The more you understand about yourself, the more you
can know about how you interact with others and the world.  It is invaluable to be able to simply
know how you view things and what you like and don't like about your current views and attitude.

This is where that old "Knowledge is Power" thing can come into play right?  The power to make
yourself happy is within your reach and with happiness comes the natural stress-free mind set that
we all use to balance our lives.

I am pledging myself to this journey for the next 30 days and I hope others will join in.
The journal entries will probably be private, but know I will be striving for happiness and
a renewal of spirit.

I wonder what kind of Soaps & Stuffs project will emerge out of this journey?
Till next time friends :)

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