Oct 1, 2010

Mayren's Sugar Scrub Cubes - using CP/HP soap Shreds

Mayren's Sugar Scrub Cubes using

CP or HP Soap shreds the 1-2-3 Method


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The 1-2-3's are measured in parts. This way you can resize the recipe

as you need. (please use a scale for best results weigh one part and use

that as your scale)

1 Part - Oils/Butters total

2 Part - CP/HP Soap Shreds (chopped fine)

3 Part - Sugars (I mix white and raw sugars for texture)


- In a microwave safe container, combine Oils with Soap (and colorant)

and heat in short bursts. Stir in-between bursts until the mix is

smooth but not burnt.

(you can add a little of the sugar in this to make the base more

compliant in the next step)

- To your hot base add the Sugar.

3 Parts if half your oils are hard butters

4 Parts if your oils are all liquid

5 Parts if your oils are all Thin liquids or if you want a super crumbly cube.

- Quickly add the FO/EO after the sugar is starting to incorporate and

cool down the mix

- Mix until the batch looks like a dough ball of sorts. If it's not a

dough ball then your bars may not firm up as well.

(- Please note that if you added mostly hard butters the batch

should still look like a dough ball but softer and less firm

until completely cooled. -)

- Put the mix into your mold. (i like silicone molds and use a stainless

spoon for smoothing the tops of my cubes while in the mold)

- Put the mold into the freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes then pop

out and let air dry for a day or so before storing in a dry and

preferably airtight container.

((( Preservative may be added if you personally feel you want to but

it is not usually necessary in this anhydrous formula. I do

use OptiphenND or Liquid Germall Plus preservative with these cubes)))


I take between a half to a full cube (based on the Wilton brownie pan)

to the shower with me. I wet the cube then make a paste from it in my

hands and apply it to my skin. Using more water I rub and scrub it over

my skin and it forms a very light lather then rinses off pretty well

(for me at least)

As with most sugar scrubs - the tub/shower will be a little slick from

the oils so beware.

I hope you enjoy your Solid sugar scrub cubes made with

soap shreds vs MP or Melt & Pour. I like the feel of regular

soap shreds much better.

Please share your experiences of your batches! :)


  1. Those look freaking awesome!! Thanks for the recipe. When I figure out where to get all that stuff, I might try it. :D

    Ooh, I also posted about your soaps on my blog, with a few pictures. I really enjoyed them, thank you so much for sending them!!

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty sure some of these lil gems are coming your way Kris (wink)and Thank you sooo much for blogging! I'm going over there right now to read the post.

  3. Yay!! They're so pretty! It's been my pleasure, I just wish I'd had time to get it done earlier.

  4. I assume the measurements are by weight but just checking. Thanks!

  5. Good assumption, however actually it's measured in "parts", because i like to let people be responsible for their own "best practices".

    For the record: When I make the scrubs for myself or
    others I use Grams to measure components.

    TBS are used here as an example of measurement because
    more people identify with TBS, and it helps to drive home
    the PARTS of (1-2-3) for easy remembering.