Oct 17, 2013

Dandelion Swirl - Soap Challenge

Greetings Friends   :)

I am back with another Soap Challenge from Greatcakes Soapworks : Soap Challenge hosted by
the fantabulous Amy Warden. 

This was a pretty fun Challenge. The Dandelion or "Zebra" Swirl was created by Vinvela Ebony on her blog Dandelion Seifee.   It's in German but if you have Google Translate it helps.

This recipe needed to be slow moving to give enough time to swirl so I used a lot of Olive oil.

I will admit I made two attempts and the first one went fine, but my color combo just didn't look cohesive enough for me.   It will be great for a Mardi-Gras twist but I wanted to put in one more really strong attempt for the official challenge entry.

Here are my photos for this Month's Soap Challenge:

Scented with Yuzu for a bright and inviting bath-time and the coloring technique makes it look great on any Bathroom counter or on the Shower's shelf.



  1. Well, now you have me curious about your first batch! ;) The colors that you picked for batch #2 are great, though. I love that peach/aqua combo.

    1. Thanks :) I need to work on my photography a lot since it's supposed to be pink/and two colors of green. lol.

  2. Looks fantastic!! Love the swirls inside AND on top! Yuzu is such a refreshing scent too. YUM.

  3. Nice contrasting colors for your swirls! That top is awesome.

  4. Lovely swirl! <3


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