Aug 9, 2010

Making Silicone Soap Molds

I made some Silicone soap molds by hand and had a blast. Here are some moments from that adventure.

The clay design of cherries that I use as for my new logo to be cute.

The finished Cherry Mold and Blue Cherry Melt & Pour soap scented with Apple Jack & Peel which smells very crisp and bright.

The prepped frame box being used to make the new loaf mold is done in mostly Acrylic Sheeting and hot glue. This means that the Acrylic is reusable. Nice!
I used OOMOO30 Silicone which is pretty easy to use.

This is the silicone mixed and poured.   I didn't use enough mix the first time so I hurried to mix up more and didn't mix it quite enough so there is variance of color but surprisingly came out wonderful.

This is after the cure and out of the frame - you notice I took the box I used to create the inside of the mold out after the cure as well.

Here's an action shot of freshly made soap in this new soap Mold


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