Jul 21, 2013

Recent Swap - Sniffie Scent Swap 2013

Hey Guys,

I've been up to a ton of projects including a Sniffie Scent Swap with some friends who also make Soaps & Stuffs.  It was a fun way to swap smells we like with each other and see what other awesome scents could be out there for us without having to take the plunge with $$.

Sniffies are just a tiny teensy sample of scent wrapped up in foil and plastic that we labeled with our name, and the name of the scent and where to find it if we like it.
We each sent 9 samples of 3 different scents all wrapped up and labeled to a Hostess who sorts it all out and organizes them, then mails the sets back out to the swappers.

Here's a few photos of my packets that I sent.

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