Mayren Abashed

Apr 19, 2020

safe and sound....

We have entered a scary new time in the nation where the US is locked up and locked down and ordered to stay-at-home and self isolate so we can maintain social distancing.
6 ft away from people, covering our mouths, only going out for the most needed items like food and emergencies. 

The pandemic started this year called Covid19 or coronavirus and this is just a bland little entry to remember it. 

All the people who are Extroverts are going nuts being in their homes all the time. They pour out through social media with a huge increase of volume to be noticed and get attention of any kind. They say they are suffering Depression and huge anxiety because they are kept from interacting face to face with other people.
I hope they remember how it feels and how this whole thing made them feel.

This is what introverts who have depression and anxiety deal with on a day-to-day basis like me.
We are forced into un-needed meetings, and social situations we can barely survive and have to fight to do well every single day by those extroverts who just "don't get it" and claim we should just be more of a "joiner" to get ahead in life.

We have over 20 million people on unemployment from whole companies who have needed to shut down.  We have a HUGE chunk of the US on work from home, doing teleconference on some new service called Zoom.  We have brave men and women working at city services, grocery stores, and restaurants providing invaluable ways to keep us all going.

We had an existing service for playing D&D online called that is bursting to their server seams to keep more nerds looking to play D&D connected as they move their games to online format so we can keep safe.

It's weird times.
Instead of have a nice day as a closing greeting we now say "stay safe or stay healthy"

So my friends; Stay Safe and Stay Healthy


  1. I'm in the introvert with depression and anxiety box. I agree that this is kind of how we feel all the time. This thing has actually made me feel worse than usual. I went out to get groceries today and it was the first time I left the house in 15 days. Since I work at home, it's not irregular for me to stay home for long periods, but this is getting extreme.

    1. I think the normal news will be available for eveyrone to read and go back to but i think many will push their inner thoughts down and forget them on purpose when all of this is over. I think it's good to keep a record of jumbled thoughts journaling or whatever so you can go back and see the change later.